Monday, September 24, 2012

Bring in a New Coach....NOW!

If anything has been learned over the past three weeks, it is that coaching matters.
I was amazed the way area sports writers and talk radio hosts painted such a rosy scenario concerning the Sean Payton-less New Orleans Saints going into the 2012 season.
They said grandly speculated that not having the head coach that hauled the Crescent City its first pro sports title would translate into no worse than two additional losses.
I didn't think any of those guys could have passed a drug test then and now peeing a cup would be unnecessary with the piss-poor performance by all three Saints' squads, offense, defense and special teams (which is a polite way to say Garrett Hartley).
Three games into the season, the Black and Gold is three games down and staring at a probable fourth loss this Sunday when they head to Lambeau Field.
And while bad officiating, continued sloppy play and bad luck have haunted the Saints this season, it can be said without a doubt that the Aaron Kromer interim-interim head coach experiment has failed miserably.
And things won't get much better when interim head coach Joe Vitt is allowed to wear his headset again.  I'm thinking that episode will more resemble the second coming of Rick Venturi, the last temp coach to win a game with the Saints, than a reasonably facsimile of the exiled Payton.
Having a running back committee has marginally better than having the entire team coached by committee.
This was never a good idea and the team would have been better off bringing in a retired NFL coach who was seeking one more bite of the apple to lead the Saints as Payton serves out his season-long suspension.
The team’s lack of aggressiveness, discipline and direction are apparent and that the Saints are not the stuff of Bill Murray and Harold Ramis's self-trained platoon in Stripes.
As much of a leader quarterback Drew Brees is, he cannot run the team and he needs to be free to focus on his job, just as coach Kromer needs to stick with dealing with a faltering offensive line that had been recognized not long ago as being the best in the NFL.
Earlier this year, I penned an April Fool's column announcing that the Saints had signed ex-head coach Jim Mora to a one year deal.
While that was written in jest, I can't help but think how having Mora back would raise the fans' morale while also bringing an intensity that isn't present on the sideline.
The Saints cannot possibly look anymore foolish with Mora running the show than they currently do under Kromer.

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