Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Choose Wisely: Concert or World Championship Unveiling

The 2009 celebration officially comes to an end with the unveiling of the World Champion banner in the Superdome at 6:30 PM Thursday night. It should be noted that Saints officials are warning fans that if you attend the concert (or parade) that you will not make it inside in time for the unveiling. So if seeing a piece of local sports history is more important than Taylor Swift or Dave Matthews (sic?)- in my case a replay of Mid-South Wrestling qualifies as a more valuable use of time- then get your Black and Gold behind in the Dome before 6 PM. Think Atlanta home opener lines.

According to the Saints organization, festivities begin in Champions Square at 4ish and the parade along the river, starting at Elysian Fields, begins at 5ish.

Plan accordingly.

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