Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Sir, Are No Scott Fujita!

Below is part of an exchange between SIRIUS NFL Host Adam Schein and recently released Saints defensive end Charles Grant.

Schein: "You know those would be great fits for you. Tell me why Carolina, Atlanta and Tennessee."

Ex- Saints Defensive End Charles Grant: "If I play in Atlanta I get to play New Orleans two times in a row. If I play in Carolina I get to play New Orleans two times in a row. Those are two great teams, Carolina, and Atlanta is one of those teams that's going to be in the race to win that Super Bowl next year. Tennessee, I just like their defensive coordinator, his philosophy."

When I read such prolific statements, it’s a wonder how Grant pulled one over the Saints front office and duped them into giving him that super-sized contract they recently shredded.

First of all, the Saints won’t be playing any NFC South team twice in a row unless the team ends the season against one of them and faces the same opponent in the wild card round of the NFC playoffs.

The last time this happened was in 2000 when the Saints beat the Saint Louis Rams to win their first ever playoff game. The Saints had dropped the regular season finale against the Rams the week before.

And while the Carolina Panthers made a late season run to respectability at the end of the 2009 season, it’s unlikely that the cats will be contending in the midst of a major franchise restructuring, with quarterback Jake Delhomme’s release and defensive end Julius Peppers’s departure.

The Atlanta Falcons have a better chance of making a Super Bowl but then the Dirty Birds are hardly a favorite.

Ironically enough, Grant prefaced his sour grape hurling with effusive comments for the Saints organization.

But it was Grant’s sorry (not remorseful) attitude, declining play and nose for trouble (StarCaps, pregnant woman shot to death) that made him the bane of Saints fans and a regular target of vitriol on Saints internet boards and radio talk shows.

Grant’s pride is probably hurt with all of the public laments and grousing over linebacker Scott Fujita’s leaving the team yet only hearing only “amens” when word got out that he was cut.

The main reason why so many Saints fans had their fingers crossed for an uncapped season in 2010 was because it gave the team the best scenario to part ways with the defensive end.
I will close this out by saying that Grant was one of the few starters who made multiple visits to WWL’s Saints Player Show at Hooters in Metairie, one of the best outlets for the average fan to meet players. Though his appearances were never “two times in a row”.


  1. every nfc south team will play each other twice, happens every year

  2. not in a row, Wayland. Jesus fucking christ.